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Textured Pea Protein (TPP) - Wholesale/Bulk cases

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  • Save money, buy in bulk! Free ground shipping. 
  • Packaged in 1lb bags. Available in packs of 6 or 12. 
  • 100% from peas grown in the USA, manufactured in the USA, packed in the USA.
  • Keto Friendly - Low carb
  • Similar to Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), except on made from yellow peas!
  • Protein Packed - 21g of protein per serving. 
  • Gluten Free - No Soy - No Dairy - Allergen Friendly and made from the highest quality ingredients.
  • Ground Meat Substitute. Just hydrate, season, cook and enjoy! 
  • Note- there are some fine particles in the bag from shipping. Use a colander or a sifter if you love the bigger chunks! The fines work great for breading.  
  • If you're not ready for bulk, no problem! Check us out on Amazon.